Sony removes confusion about voice chat recording
Sony removes confusion about voice chat recording

Sony is working to remove the confusion surrounding the issue of recording audio conversations through the PS5 platform and explain when and how those recordings are being listened to.

The company added more details via PlayStation about the controversial new voice chat record feature which was first mentioned in the 8.0 firmware update released earlier this week.

Some users previously said: The company records audio chats through the PS5 platform and actively controls them between private groups.

Sony Vice President of Global Customer Experience Katherine Jensen bluntly said in a new post: Sony must explain why this feature is being introduced.

Jason has now confirmed that Sony will not hear any active audio calls whatsoever when the feature launches with the PS5 next month.

You wrote: Your sole purpose is to report violations, including violations of the Community Code of Conduct.

She added: Please note that this feature does not actively monitor or eavesdrop on your conversations and is completely private to report any online abuse or harassment.

The company said: The feature can pass during the last five minutes of private voice chat. So if users are harassed or violate Sony's gaming rules, they can send up to 40 seconds of footage. For review by Sony's oversight team.

This includes 20 seconds of potential custom abuse, with the selected clip showing 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after additional information.

These reports can be submitted directly through the PS5 platform and then forwarded to our Consumer Experience team for review. Then they listen to the recording and take action if needed.

Jensen stated that some of the reports provided are invalid and Sony's team will take the opportunity to provide advice and information.

You cannot unsubscribe from your voice chat history. This is because Sony wants all users (not those who enable it) to feel safe while playing with others online.

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