Carl Pei left OnePlus unexpectedly
Carl Pei left OnePlus unexpectedly

OnePlus brand and long-term profile maker and company co-founder Carl Pei have confirmed that he is leaving the smartphone company.

With OnePlus establishing close relationships with electronics giants Oppo, Vivo and BBK, it is hard to say that OnePlus is a smartphone startup.

As a marketer and brand maker, Pay combines bold posts, authentic word of mouth and funky marketing activities to transform smartphone enthusiasts into a community of OnePlus enthusiasts.

In a post on the OnePlus forum, Baye said: He hopes to spend some time de-stressing and connecting with his family without needing to know why he is leaving now.

It is rumored that he has cracked down on founder and CEO Pete Lau, and left Bai (Bai) to start his new business, but his words don't seem to be leaving.

In any case, this seems surprising given there are reports that Pay left the company a few days ago and OnePlus is not ready to answer questions about where and why it went.

Perhaps the company does not want to distract attention from the new phone (OnePlus 8T) that was launched a few days ago.

Karl Bay led the development of the affordable OnePlus North, saying: After using OnePlus for nearly 7 years, I made the tough decision to say goodbye.

He added: In 2013, the world did not need another brand of smartphones, but we found a way to do it better and we dream of changing the status quo by offering better products to users at lower prices. Affordable, affordable, affordable.

He continued: On leading smartphones, OnePlus is now a force to be reckoned with, and the new Nord lineup continues this success in new markets.

He said: Over the past few years, OnePlus has been my only focus. Everything else has to be set aside. Hope to take some time and then move on to the next step.

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