The International Maritime Organization was hacked
The International Maritime Organization was hacked

The United Nations' International Maritime Organization (IMO) disclosed a security breach last weekend that the agency classified as a sophisticated cyber attack on its computer systems.

The United Nations agency said in a press release: It has discovered incidents affecting its website and other Internet services.

An IMO spokesperson said: The email system and virtual meeting platform with simultaneous translation and other internal and external cooperation platforms are not affected.

The affected system has been shut down and restored. The agency said the attack violated strict security measures to protect computer systems.

"The file server at IMO headquarters is in the United Kingdom. We have an extensive backup system in Geneva and our backup and restore systems are tested regularly," the agency said.

After the attack, the Secretariat shut down the main system to prevent the attack from causing further damage.

The General Secretariat is working with international security experts to restore order as quickly as possible, identify the source of the attack, and further strengthen the security system to prevent its recurrence.

The organization revealed in a tweet that its website suffers from technical problems and later admitted that the attacks were due to malicious actors.

In its announcement summarizing the incident, the organization said: The Global Integrated Transport Information System (SIGS) database, IMODocs and virtual publishing services were attacked but had been recovered.

It is not clear whether the organization has suffered from ransomware attacks, defamation attacks on websites, or whether its website has been used for water drilling attacks. This attack is among the hackers who host malicious code on the company website in an attempt to trick members and visitors into infecting themselves. Type of attack. Malware.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is the United Nations organization responsible for issuing international guidelines for ships and passenger ships, shipping safety and protection of the marine environment.

Because of its central role in shaping international norms, it is a very important organization that generally shapes international policies for the entire maritime domain.

IMO obtained ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 certification for Information Security Management Systems and is the first United Nations organization to obtain this certification in 2015.

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