You can use the Google Smart Backpack to control your phone
You can use the Google Smart Backpack to control your phone

Google has teamed up with luggage manufacturer Samsonite to bring to the market a smart backpack that can be used to control playlists or take photos.

The aforementioned Smart Backpack (Konnect-I) is available in two sizes (Slim Edition) and (Standard Edition) and costs $ 199 and $ 219, respectively.

This smart backpack is the latest addition to the Google Jacquard team, which was revealed at the company's developer conference four years ago.

The Jacquard project is based on the concept of peripheral computing. This means that users can take advantage of the powerful functions of computing in their daily lives through an integrated platform. And by integrating small computers into the user's clothes.

In fact, jacquard comes in the form of small beacons attached to the app to convert gestures into content that the app can understand.

The logo is attached to the left waistband of the Kennect-I backpack and the wearer can adjust gestures to activate certain actions.

Hikers can set up a smart backpack to get step-by-step directions as they travel without checking the phone's navigation.

Users can also configure what functions the smart backpack should provide after activating it with a specific gesture via the Jacquard app.

This is just the beginning of the platform (Jacquard), Google said, and you can expect branded devices (Jacquard) to improve over time.

Samsonite (Samsonite) has joined a host of products including jackets (Levi), Saint Laurent backpacks (Saint Laurent) and shoes (Adidas).

All products have an embedded jacquard label that allows the wearer to access online services.

The chain (jacquard) conveys the tactile nodule that unleashes the Jacquard brand, which is essential to much of the Google search team's work.

With ambient computing at the heart of the project, computing power should be integrated into the products that users wear with the greatest possible transparency.

Google's design team has found a way to build micro and small electronic components into common cotton and polyester fibers.

The end result looks and feels like regular yarn, so the produced reactive textiles are indistinguishable from regular textiles.

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