The PS5 controls the fan speed for each game separately
The PS5 controls the fan speed for each game separately

Sony's PS5 platform has an internal cooling system that consists of a huge double-sided fan that is 120mm wide and 45mm thick that can direct air to the sides of the motherboard. double sided.

The platform also contains smart fan driver software. These programs optimize fan performance based on data collected from each game.

This information comes from another interview with Yasuhiro Ootori, Sony's mechanical design manager responsible for the PS5.

The interview included many detailed details of design decisions for a single platform and focused on heat dissipation technology.

Autori appeared in a 7-minute video released by Sony earlier this month. The entire platform appears from the inside and reveals new details about the machine's mechanical design.

In a recent interview, Autori noted that the fan is controlled by the PS5's Rapid Processing Unit (APU), which is the processor chip and integrated GPU that powers the platform.

Auturi said, "A lot of games will be launched in the future and each game will collect data about CPU acceleration behavior. We have plans to improve fan control based on this data."

Autori explained that when running a specific game APU, there are multiple temperature sensors placed on the platform's motherboard to collect data.

Using this data, Sony can optimize the fan for each game separately. The highest temperature measured is used to determine fan speed and optimize cooling performance.

Autori also revealed very fine details of testing the PS5's cooling system, including creating a transparent frame and pumping air out of dry ice to monitor the effect on the interior temperature.

Autori also resolved the unconventional use of liquid metal conductors as a thermal interface material under the CPU.

There is no difference in cooling performance between vertical and horizontal platform placement, and the 350 watt power supply is designed with front and rear vents to allow direct air flow from the system fan.

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