WhatsApp supports in-app purchases and cloud hosting services
WhatsApp supports in-app purchases and cloud hosting services

Facebook said Thursday today: WhatsApp will offer hosting and shopping services directly via the app. This is a new effort to increase instant messaging app revenue while integrating the e-commerce infrastructure with all services. Connection.

Facebook, which has the largest social network in the world with more than 2.7 billion monthly active users, is trying to increase its revenue through its services, which are growing at a faster rate than its social media networks than Instagram photo and video sharing service and instant messaging service WhatsApp, the service was purchased in exchange for $ 19 billion in 2014 but has not achieved the required revenue since then.
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With the new changes, WhatsApp allows the company to sell products directly on the app through the Facebook Store, an online store that Facebook created last May to provide a shopping experience. Unified by the Facebook app.

The company will also focus on cloud computing to give companies that use customer service messaging tools the ability to store these messages on Facebook's servers.

WhatsApp COO (Matt Idema) said in an interview: The shopping tool will come out before the end of this year and hosted news will be available in 2021.

Idema said: WhatsApp will offer free hosting services to attract new customers who buy business tools. Fees range from half a cent to 9 cents per letter.

The app has a relatively small client base of tens of thousands of companies, and tens of thousands of companies use the limited free small business tools. According to Idema, more than 175 million people interact with a company on WhatsApp every day.

“Today’s profits are very low compared to Facebook, but we think the opportunity is great,” Idema said. He added that discussions with companies that use the new hosting service will show that those conversations will be stored on other sites and will not be subject to applications. End-to-end encryption protection for the program. He also said: Facebook will not use the news data hosted on its servers for any other commercial purpose.

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