Google is testing a smart screen that works just by looking
Google is testing a smart screen that works just by looking

Google is internally testing a new feature that eliminates the need to say "Hey Google" or "Ok Google" before giving voice commands on the Nest Hub smart screen.

In addition, the Blue Steel function allows the device to detect your presence and actively listen to commands without hearing the alert word first.

This work was featured in a video posted to YouTube by Jan Boromeusz, which already revealed the following features: The new Nest Hub dark mode ahead of the official announcement.

You can watch Borromeoosh in the video requesting various information without having to say "Hey Google" or "Ok Google".

The Borromeoosh smart screen (Nest Hub Max) is said to be using leaked internal proprietary firmware for Google's internal testing, and it is not clear if the company plans to launch the feature.

The Nest Hub Max screen will likely use built-in ultrasound sensing technology to detect a person's silhouette and initiate hearing.

The Nest Hub Max display will now send out ultrasound pulses to detect nearby users and adjust the UI accordingly.

In the future, this technology will allow the screen to hear voice commands when it knows you are nearby.

The report speculated that the screen may use the camera's face recognition feature to better understand who is speaking.

Borromeoosh offers the option to activate and deactivate the function (blue steel) in the Smart Screen Settings menu.

If the feature (Blue Steel) is launched, it could lead to privacy concerns, as existing speakers and smart screens can only be activated after the hearing aid is activated.

Relying only on proximity detection increases the risk of the device hearing sounds it should not hear, which could put your privacy at risk.

(Blue Steel) can be offered as an optional feature useful to some users so that the required information can be accessed easily and quickly by saying "Hey Google" or "OK ​​Google".

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