With the help of iPhone 12 the development of the accessories industry has been strongly boosted.
With the help of iPhone 12 the development of the accessories industry has been strongly boosted.

Apple's new iPhone 12 comes without a charger. So you have to pay $ 19 to buy a charger that can be used with the new iPhone 12 cable for faster charging.

With chargers sold and the new ecosystem around the charging system (MagSafe), Apple's decision allows for a slight increase in the device's accessories category.

This category includes (Apple Watch), (AirPods), chargers, and other accessories, in addition to other products that are growing well.

Apple revenue increased nearly 17% to $ 6.45 billion in the third quarter of the fiscal year.

Apple is expected to publish its fourth-quarter financial results on October 29, but it will not show sales of the recently released iPhone 12 and related products.

The success of accessories and wearables hinges on the success of Apple's service business, including digital products like streaming music and iCloud storage.

As iPhone sales have stopped growing, Apple has developed new digital products to further tap the iPhone user base of about 1 billion.

The company generated $ 13.16 billion in services revenue for the third quarter of this fiscal year, an increase of roughly 15% year-over-year.

Given a shortage of chargers, a shortage of wired headphones and a new charger (MagSafe) for the iPhone 12, Apple is preparing for a major increase in accessories sales this quarter.

Apple has a new HomePod for $ 99, arriving in stores next month, and the cheapest Apple Watch starting at $ 199.

Deutsche Bank analysts wrote in a research report earlier this week: Although Apple claims to have removed chargers, cable chargers and headphones to protect the environment, the truth is that such a decision could also bring financial benefits to the company.

The additional business may account for only 2% of total sales, but analyst Jerry Ong thinks the new features on the iPhone 12 could bring additional benefits.

In the short term, iPhone 12 sales will exceed expectations, and the new electromagnetic charging system (MagSafe) has laid the foundation for more iPhone accessories.

It has long been rumored that Apple's ultimate goal is to eliminate the iPhone's charging port, as well as the standard headphone jack, which in turn will compel iPhone owners to purchase. More accessories for your devices.

Apple can honestly say that removing standard accessories from iPhone case is good for the environment.

And when tens of millions of iPhones are shipped every three months with fewer packaging and plastic, this sure has a positive impact on the environment, but it encourages iPhone customers to buy more accessories from Apple so they can get the most out of the iPhone. And maintain sales growth. .

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