Samsung interactive whiteboard 85 inch
Samsung interactive whiteboard 85 inch

Samsung has announced the launch of a next-generation interactive touch screen for remote collaboration and communication in work and education environments.

Samsung believes that as distance learning becomes the new standard in the world, the new interactive screen can bridge the gap between students who study in the classroom and students who study at home.

Samsung's new 85-inch interactive display is the largest in the series and has been added to the 55-inch and 65-inch product lines.

The interactive screen provides effective communication between teachers, students, administrators and employees, or between companies and customers.

With its easy-to-use features, crisp graphics, security protocols, and comprehensive touch point options for collaboration, the new 85-inch screen improves engagement for different teams, regardless of location.

The Korean company's digital internet whiteboard promises to enable students and educators to work together.

The goal is not to communicate better with all of the participants, but to work together when students are absent.

While the interactive display is just a larger version of Samsung's current Digital Flip 2 whiteboard, its 85-inch size makes it the size of a true school whiteboard.

Compared to previous 55 '' and 65 '' models, more students can use the board at the same time.

Samsung plans to install the screen primarily in the classroom, as students can use a 4K touchscreen that supports four styluses for writing and drawing.

The screen does not contain some of the tutorials announced by Samsung, but it can use an advanced six-digit lock system to store sensitive information and files.

Any teacher, manager, or health professional can protect confidential reports, lock the screen, and block the viewing of important content.

The screen supports up to 20 fingers at the same time. Other operations can be performed with various interactive screen connection options, for example: (USB), (HDMI), (DP), (NFC) and (OPS) slots.

Screen sharing feature enables optimal collaboration to provide interactive visibility and content sharing from different devices.

It should be noted that the price of the screen has not been revealed yet, as the price of the 65-inch (Flip 2) screen is $ 2599, and the Samsung 85-inch TV is $ 1799. Therefore, your interactive display may not cost more.

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