X-S10 ... a Fujifilm camera to appeal to content makers
X-S10 ... a Fujifilm camera to appeal to content makers

Fujifilm launched the new X-S10 X-series mirrorless camera.

The new model differs slightly from other Fujifilm cameras and has a control layout familiar to photographers who use other camera systems.

It also has several features suitable for VCRs, including full motion rendering, in vivo image stabilization, and microphone input.

The new camera (X-S10) will be available in November for $ 999 without a lens and for $ 1,399 or $ 1,499 with a lens.

Unlike other Fujifilm cameras like the (X-T4), (X-T3) or (X-T30), the (X-S10), like many Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras, relies on dial-up, as well as the front and back faces.

It also has a dial to switch between 18 movie simulations. This setup may seem strange to current Fujifilm camera users, but it can make the camera more attractive to cameras on other systems.

The handle on the X-S10 is sharper than most previous Fujifilm cameras, and the handle makes it easy to hold the device with one hand.

The camera uses a 1260 mAh battery found in many of the company's older cameras, and it eliminated the need for dual (SD) card slots on high-end models.

Fuji is promoting the new camera as a mirrorless camera, which means it should appeal to photographers and videographers.

(X-S10) has a 26.1MP (X-Trans IV CMOS) sensor and autofocus system.

According to Fujifilm, the X-S10's 5-axis image stabilization system is 30% smaller and 30% lighter than the one used on the X-T4.

The microphone connector fits over the touch screen hinge so that the microphone cable does not block the screen when turned upside down.

With a new function, the camera can automatically choose between (Provia), (Velvia) and (Astia) movies depending on the recording environment. The (Auto Recording Priority) setting allows you to do this, letting the camera know what scene you are recording.

You can now also shoot RAW and JPEG photos in automatic mode, which is not possible with other Fujifilm cameras.

(X-S10) appears to be the first in the company's new line of cameras. If successful, the company can publish a version later.

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