Google closed Hangout and the chatting function started
Google closed Hangout and the chatting function started

Google announced its plans to move users from (Google Hangouts) to (Google Chat) next year.

As part of this change, Google Chat, a messaging app that was previously only available to paid customers, has become a free, standalone app in Gmail.

Google said: In addition to sending to inbox, faster searches, emoji responses, and suggested responses, Google also has features like personal messages and group messages (Google Hangouts).

In the first half of 2021, Google will start moving everyone from (Google Hangouts) to (Google Chat) and automatically transferring conversations, contacts and files.

It doesn't explain how to implement the conversion for free (Google Hangouts) users, but it does provide more specific instructions on what steps users should take when starting the transfer process.

Google explained that the advantage of Google Chat is that it makes it easy to plan similar goals and interests with others, share files and collaborate, and assign tasks.

The future of Google Hangouts is uncertain. In 2018, there were reports that Google was planning to close in 2020 and focus on Google Meet and Google Chat.

Google said: The transition from (Google Hangouts) free to (Google Chat) will be gradual.

After moving all users and customers from (Google Workspace) to (Google Chat) for free, it can be assumed that (Google Chat) (Google Hangouts) has been replaced.

Google has released an update on migrating Google Workspace customers from (Google Hangouts) to (Google Chat), which states that the second half of 2021 will be the least appropriate time to cancel Google Workspace customers (Google Hangouts). .

Unless the moderator chooses this change, all Google Workspace customers will switch to the preferred conversation after the second quarter of 2021.

Google Workspace customers will be forced to switch to a "first choice chat" later in 2021, and the administrator will have no option to cancel their subscription.

Google said: Google Chat has completely replaced traditional Google Hangouts, and it's currently not possible to log out.

Google pledges that (Workspace) customers will be notified at least four weeks in advance via the Google Workspace Updates blog prior to the start of each phase.

These two stages represent the last two of the five stages of transition to Google Chat.

All remaining classic Google Hangouts customers will move to Chat Preferred in the second half of 2021, and the classic Google Hangouts will be completely replaced by the Google Chat app.

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