YouTube blocks conspiracy theories against individuals
YouTube blocks conspiracy theories against individuals

YouTube announced Thursday that it will use conspiracy theories such as "QAnon" or "Pizzagate" to block content targeting individuals or groups "used to justify violence in the real world."

"Dealing with false information and harmful conspiracy theories is a challenge," the site says. Because the content is constantly changing and evolving. To effectively manage this type of content, it is important that our team regularly reviews and updates our policies and systems to reflect frequent changes. ''

YouTube added, "Today, we are taking new steps to combat hate and harassment by removing more conspiracy theories that justify violence in the real world."

YouTube said on its blog: It will start implementing this expanded hate and harassment policy immediately and will intensify its efforts in the coming weeks.

YouTube's move came after other major social media companies (such as Facebook and Twitter) announced that they would remove content from conspiracy theory QAnon.

QAnon is said to be a widespread and unfounded conspiracy theory that claims that there is no evidence that the President of the United States (Donald Trump) is covertly fighting a group of pedophiles including famous Democrats, elites, Hollywood and the League of Nations. The FBI has described this conspiracy as a potential instigator of domestic terrorism.

The conspiracy theory also borrowed from Betzaget's flawed theory of child sexual abuse at a Washington, DC restaurant.

"Given the changing nature and strategies of groups promoting these conspiracy theories, we will continue to adjust our guidelines to keep pace with the work and continue to take the necessary steps to fulfill this responsibility," YouTube said. . "

YouTube said on Wednesday that it would remove videos spreading misinformation about the emerging coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine and expand its existing rules to ban the lies and conspiracy theories related to the pandemic.

The world's largest video sharing site says: All vaccine-related (Covid-19) content that is claimed to conflict with the consensus of the local health authority or the World Health Organization will now be blocked.

YouTube said in a blog post: This includes removing claims that the vaccine kills or causes infertility or implanting microchips in people who receive the vaccine.

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