4 tips to avoid fraud when shopping online
4 tips to avoid fraud when shopping online

According to the latest report from IBM, we have found that the ongoing Corona outbreak has completely changed the familiar shopping experience and accelerated the spread of the Corona epidemic. Moving from physical stores to digital shopping nearly five years from now, stores and shoppers are impatiently waiting for the vacation. We found that this time, cybercriminals are also waiting to deceive Internet shoppers, which requires you to be very careful when using your cell phone or PC to shop.

Here are 4 tips to avoid fraud when shopping online this holiday:

1- Make sure you are using a real site:

One of the main weaknesses of online shopping is the large number of fake websites that attract buyers, as fake websites that look like pirated copies of popular shopping sites offer huge discounts to attract buyers.

So, before entering your credit card details to buy products from a website, make sure the website's URL has a lock code and starts with HTTPS. Careful, you may visit the shopping site manually. Url.

2- Avoid clicking on the link in the e-mail:

A common phishing technique is to send emails and make shoppers click on additional links to access product pages or websites where cybercriminals create fake websites that disguise themselves as legitimate shopping sites; Users are entering their credit card information unintentionally. .

In order not to fall victim to phishing scams, please take the time to verify the accuracy of all incoming emails by checking for misspellings and similar URLs. Also, make sure to download attached emails from unknown senders. Documents, especially if they require certain procedures.

3- Avoid Weak Passwords:

According to the 2020 Data Breach Investigation Report, it was found that over 35% of all breaches are caused by the use of weak passwords on various accounts. So, to avoid passwords hacking when using online shopping accounts, consider using a password in your account, especially your online shopping account, or you can use a password manager app.

4- Avoid problematic transactions:

When shopping online, if you find that the transaction on the website looks too good to be true, it is likely fake. If you receive an email containing a large discount with more detailed information, please don't click on it directly. Alternatively, visit the shopping site directly from the browser and search for this transaction.

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