6 tips to help protect your data when buying games online
6 tips to help protect your data when buying games online

Online shopping has grown in popularity recently as you can now buy anything you want. It is very easy for players to buy games online, fake websites and fake offers are common, so stay close and pay attention to where and how to buy.

Here are 6 tips to help protect your privacy when buying games online:

1- Buying on official channels:

The Official Store is the only place to go when shopping for games, virtual accessories, and other related items. This is the only way to obtain at least some guarantees, such as: b. Game exchange or refund.

There are several official sites that you can buy games from, such as: B. Steam and GOG sites or official developer sites. You have to download game apps from the App Store or Google Play and you can only purchase the items by sharing.

2- Don't rush to buy games:

Discounts and specials on the Play Store are great ways to save money. For example: The Epic Games Store regularly offers discounts and deals on games. However, when you receive an email informing you that the game has a big discount, do not quickly click on the link Is it easy, just enter the website URL manually in the browser and check your presence. Is there an opponent or just a hoax?

3- Review our return policy:

Before purchasing, familiarize yourself with the business rules to understand your return policy. This is especially important if you're not sure if it's worth the game, as we found that most certified retailers have return policies, but terms and conditions can make a big difference.

Example: When you purchase a game from the Google Play Store, you only have 48 hours from the date of purchase to decide whether to redeem the game and other websites (Example: Steam refuses to refund the amount for a game that you have purchased for longer than 2 hours). So it is best to know these things first.

4- Use a special card to shop online:

If your favorite business is hacked, your payment information could fall into the hands of cyber criminals. Instead of linking your primary credit card to these stores, you can get a debit card that you can use to shop and use online. if it is necessary.

Also, you can get a virtual bank credit card that is only used for shopping, and you can also look for player payment cards that offer other cashback offers on the gaming platform and in-game rewards.

5- Use a secure connection when shopping:

When using public Wi-Fi networks, data sent through them, such as credit card information or contact details, can be intercepted. Then we recommend that you connect to the online store over a secure network or use the following application: Kaspersky Secure Connection to protect your data.

6- Protecting your account and equipment:

Remember to protect your account on online game marketers such as Steam. In addition, it is important to check websites connected via social networks (like Facebook or Twitter) and you should also be able to protect devices used for games like computers, smartphones, and tablets with these reliable security solutions. Protect yourself from fraudulent websites and malware. .

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