5 ways to help you take advantage of your old phone
5 ways to help you take advantage of your old phone

With the development of smartphones and the emergence of many new versions in the near future, many of us hope to upgrade our current phones to one of the smartphones that were launched this year and then ignore the old phones. It's wise that we totally forget that you can use your old phone in a number of different ways during this time, especially if it still has some strength and no apparent damage.

Here are 5 ways you can use your old phone:

1- keep it as an emergency phone:
You never know when your current phone suddenly stops working or when it will be lost. So, instead of completely ignoring your old phone, you can use it as an emergency phone. Example: You can charge it and get ready for use. Move or use when traveling to other areas if your current phone stops working for some reason.

2- use it as a webcam:

With our increasing reliance on video conferencing, external web cameras are now really useful. If the quality of the built-in camera of your laptop is poor, try to use an old smartphone to solve the problem, or if you get a good quality video, you can use it as your primary webcam in laptop office. .

3- Use it as a video streaming or media recording device:

You can use your old phone as a device to store devices such as photos or videos, or you can copy the photo and video library from the new phone to the phone. If the specifications are strong and the screen is large, you can use it to watch the video content if your online video streaming service account has multiple sub-accounts, which may help reduce battery consumption. Your new phone.

4- Intended for your child:

If your children play with a new phone a lot, you can play with the old phone as a gift and take it away from the new phone to make sure it is not damaged. Remember, you need to wipe and lock data and applications. Don't forget to turn on parental controls on your phone to keep them

5- Remove it to see what it contains:

Some users find it really interesting to take apart electronic devices to display or even fix internal content. So if you fall into this category, it's time to satisfy your curiosity and craving, and remember that if you want to do it right, you can check out some video samples on Turn Off Electronics website: iFixit, um get some advice.

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