Bezos sells more than $ 3 billion of Amazon shares
Bezos sells more than $ 3 billion of Amazon shares

According to SEC files compiled by OpenInsider, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) sold more than $ 3 billion worth of shares in his company this week.

Over the past year, Bezos has been quick to sell shares. Bezos spent more than $ 3.1 billion on Amazon stocks in August and sold more than $ 4.1 billion in February. Last week's sales raised total funds to $ 10.2 billion in 2020, up sharply from 2019 when Bezos sold $ 2.8 billion worth of shares.

Despite a recent stock sale, Bezos still owns over 53 million shares worth $ 170 billion, making him the richest man in the world.

According to deposits made by the SEC, these transactions are part of a pre-defined 10b5-1 deal plan.

Bezos said he previously sold nearly $ 1 billion in Amazon shares each year to fund his rocket company, Blue Origin. In addition, in February the CEO of Amazon launched a $ 10 billion land fund to combat the effects of climate change that provides grants to scientists, activists and other grants. Organizations.

Although Bezos did not disclose who would be beneficiaries of the fund, Atlantic announced Tuesday that Bezos is expected to donate $ 100 million to both the Nature Conservation Society and the Environmental Protection Foundation. And (Committee for the Preservation of Natural Resources) and (World Natural Fund).

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