Adobe released Photoshop ARM beta for Windows and Mac OS
Adobe released Photoshop ARM beta for Windows and Mac OS

Adobe today (Tuesday) released the ARM processor version of its popular Photoshop image editing software for Windows and Mac OS.

With the new beta version of Photoshop, device owners can: (Surface Pro X) Microsoft Surface Pro X or (MacBook Pro) MacBook Pro or (MacBook Air) MacBook Air or (Mac mini) use the new Mac mini with Apple's (M1) processor M1 Run Photoshop without emulation on its device, which indicates that Photoshop emulation is currently running on a Windows processor-based (ARM) device or via the Apple platform (Rosetta) on Mac OS X.

The original release of Photoshop for Windows and Mac OS is expected to greatly improve performance, and Apple introduced the first Macs with ARM processors at just the right time for Apple. Since the program is still in the beta phase, many tools are missing tools, for example B. Features: Content-sensitive packaging, patch tools, repair brushes, and other features are currently unavailable. In beta.

Adobe mentioned several known issues with Windows and Mac OS, but said it will add new features in the coming weeks. The trial version does not officially support daily workloads yet and is only accessible from the Experimental Applications tab in Creative Cloud desktop software. Adobe hasn't mentioned when other Creative Cloud software will be released for ARM processors, but Photoshop is a huge driving force for ARM hardware.

In addition to supporting Photoshop, game developer Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft can be played on a Mac without an ARM processor.

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