Amazon wants to stop selling fakes
Amazon wants to stop selling fakes

Amazon announced a joint operation with the National Intellectual Property Coordination Center (IPR), overseen by US Immigration, Customs and Borders, to prevent counterfeit goods from entering the United States.

The partnership uses information from Amazon's counterfeit goods division, logistics company DHL, and US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to stop selling counterfeit goods.

Fulfilled Action relies on the dominant Amazon as a marketplace for products and is a long-term partnership.

Amazon intends to use this partnership to protect consumers and fight counterfeit sales. This problem has become more and more common on e-commerce sites over the past few years.

The joint operation analyzes data and conducts cross-border inspections of goods entering the United States with the aim of preventing counterfeit products from entering the US supply chain and holding them accountable. Bad actors.

Amazon said: We invested more than $ 500 million in anti-counterfeiting measures in 2019 and set up a (fake) division in June to investigate suspected counterfeit products and take legal action against them.

There are dozens of third-party sellers on the online Amazon Marketplace, which opens up the list of fakes on the site.

In the second quarter of this year, third-party sellers sold 53% of the merchandise purchased on the site, and Amazon generated $ 53.8 billion in revenue in 2019 from providing services to outside sellers.

Fake products have hit the Amazon market so many times that brands have stopped selling official products through the platform.

Nike removed the list from the site and focused on direct relationships, while Birkenstock stopped selling its iconic shoes on Amazon because Birkenstock, CEO of Birkenstock, accused Amazon of being a hacker in the modern era.

Amazon said it investigated and cracked down on fraudsters, and that partnering with agents should push the company forward and stop fraud at the border.

The Counterfeit Products Administration took legal action against some sellers this month for posting counterfeit products on Amazon and Instagram.

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