Sony is the driving force behind the development of the Xbox Series S
Sony is the driving force behind the development of the Xbox Series S

Microsoft decided to develop the Xbox Series S platform to appeal to a larger audience than Sony's goal.

The company's decision to develop the Xbox Series S for the PS5 is not an easy one because the platform lacks the features of Xbox Series X or PS5.

This move makes many wonder why Microsoft created the two next-generation Xbox platforms while Sony focused on one PS5 platform.

Some Microsoft employees questioned this decision. Phil Spencer, current executive vice president of games at Microsoft, announced that Sony is behind the development of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

“We've had a long discussion internally about the Xbox Series S,” Spencer said. He is currently the President of Xbox Brand and leads the global design and engineering team in charge of Microsoft Games.

Despite all its reservations, Microsoft knew that Sony was only looking for high-end hardware, so it continued to build a new $ 300 platform that would become an affordable platform for the next generation of games.

According to Spencer, Microsoft plans to engage more people and bring the next generation of games to as many people as possible.

He said, "We always have to abandon this idea and use the platform, but we want to grow and find new customers, and Sony has always been the driving force behind that."

Sony's method is to make two PS5 models with the same hardware specifications, so one model has the drive while the second model rejects the drive.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are hard to find and buy at this time, and this model can last for several months.

Spencer announced that Microsoft began production in late summer, but lagged slightly behind the competition. In fact, we are waiting for some AMD technologies as we stand behind Sony in building the platforms.

Microsoft has decided to wait for the full implementation of AMD RDNA 2 technology, which could mean Sony will launch more platforms this holiday.

Microsoft has not demonstrated the benefits of full RDNA 2 support on Xbox 5 over PS5 or explained why Microsoft is willing to wait and delay the deployment of the platform.

Compared to Xbox Series S, you might see more Xbox SeriesXs in the coming year.

Spencer announced that Microsoft is currently building more Xbox Series X platforms compared to Xbox Series S to meet growing demand.

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