Apple allows ordering iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone 12 Mini HomePod Mini
Apple allows ordering iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone 12 Mini HomePod Mini

Apple began taking initial orders today (Friday) for the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini, as well as the HomePod Mini (HomePod Mini) smart speaker, priced at $ 99.

This is the first year that Apple released four different iPhone models at the same time: Last October, it launched cell phones (iPhone 12) and (iPhone 12 Pro), and cell phones (iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Mini) in November. Of this year. The reason for delaying the traditional iPhone release from September to October is the continuing spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) COVID-19.

In Apple's fourth quarter of the financial year, iPhone sales fell 20.7% year-over-year, largely due to no purchase of new devices. Iphone. Investors were not aware of the popularity of the newer devices until the first-quarter results for fiscal year 2021 were announced.

(IPhone 12 Pro Max) The price of the phone starts at $ 1099, and it contains the largest display in the history of the iPhone and other features compared to the price of the iPhone 12 Pro, starting at $ 999, such as the improved camera at a lower price. Light produced by.

IPhone 12 mini offers many of the same features as the iPhone 12, but the smaller size may attract more people who do not want to use a large phone. Hence, it is the new and cheaper option, starting at $ 699.

After an event to Apple last October, some analysts said Apple had not explained why consumers could buy the more expensive Pro model instead of the regular iPhone 12.

It is believed that the new small smart speaker (HomePod mini) could help Apple compete more effectively with Amazon and Google in the smart speaker market. The original HomePod is still available for $ 299, while the new device costs only $ 99, just like devices like Amazon Echo and Google Nest.

It is reported that these devices (iPhone 12 Pro Max) and (iPhone 12 mini) will be listed on November 13, and the HomePod Mini Smart Speakers (HomePod Mini) will be listed on November 16. Processing

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