IPhone 2021 sales will surpass iPhone 12 for three reasons
IPhone 2021 sales will surpass iPhone 12 for three reasons

Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of Apple released a new report today, stating that sales of iPhone models in 2021 may exceed sales of iPhone 12 released earlier this year.

(Ming-Chi Kuo) believes this is partly due to the significant improvements that will be made to the ultra-wide camera over the next year.

Three improvements to the iPhone Ultra Wide camera:

According to the supply chain, Apple plans to make three upgrades to the iPhone's ultra-wide camera in the next year.

First, the aperture should range from f / 2.4 to f / 1.8. When all other conditions are the same, more than twice the amount of light can enter, which greatly improves the performance in low light. In particular, it should allow for sharper night shots.

Second, the source states that the number of items on the target will increase from five to six. There are advantages and disadvantages to adding elements to lenses. However, when manufacturers use vertical lens designs and add elements, they usually reduce distortion, which is especially important with wide-angle lenses. .

Third, the ultra-wide angle lens should achieve autofocus for the first time, while the current ultra-wide lens has a fixed focus. It might sound surprising, but ultra-wide lenses are usually not a big deal, as they are used mostly in landscapes and cityscapes where all objects in the lens are far enough away to be out of focus. However, switching to autofocus makes it easy to take wide-angle photos from a distance.

Other iPhone 2021 advantages:

Additionally, Guo believes there are two other reasons to be optimistic about next year's sales. The end of the coronavirus crisis should (hopefully) mean reducing the manufacturing challenges. Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a call last month for results that supply bottlenecks are limiting sales of many of Apple's core products. According to a recent report, iPhone 12 Pro production is suffering from a shortage of power management chips.

(Kuo) assumes that the demand for iPhones supporting 5G networks will increase in the next year once the infrastructure is established. At the moment, 5G coverage is not yet complete, so including faster cellular standards will not keep many people in sight. There are compelling reasons to upgrade.

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