Apple introduced a new waiver from the App Store fees, stating that companies offering digital courses or virtual events through the iPhone app will not have to make in-app purchases until June 2021, allowing them to contact customers directly for the bill. Without paying commissions. 30% for Apple.

This new extension is helping companies by giving them more time to organize digital events paid for more than personal events during the Corona epidemic without paying additional fees.

Apple wrote on the developer blog: While apps are required to offer a paid group event online through in-app purchases, as per the App Store review policy, we have temporarily deferred this requirement.

She added: The deadline has been extended to June 30, 2021 to allow more time to develop integrated procurement solutions.

The move is Apple's latest move, to the satisfaction of critics who say its controls and fees are not competitive on the platform.

Apple also announced earlier this month that it will reduce its commission from app developers earning less than $ 1 million through the Apple platform to 15% by 2021.

After Facebook launched the paid activities feature and tried to clarify that some of the income from paid activities belonged to Apple, Apple initially canceled in-app purchases for groups and group activities in September. .

Apple requires iPhone apps to use its system which accounts for 30% of total payments. These drawings were at the core of the Global Antitrust Guidelines.

However, you don't have to use Uber to deliver orders or buy personal items from online retailers to pay through the App Store.

The company said in September that a single class can be billed directly through the iPhone app, but any virtual class (a teacher or a group of virtual classes that work with multiple people) must use the App Store to pay.

The New York Times reported in July that based on personal experiences that have been negatively affected by the outbreak, some app makers such as Airbnb and ClassPass have changed their business models to include more digital categories, and have required Apple to use these companies for in-app purchases.

Apple introduces a new fee waiver for the App Store
Apple introduces a new fee waiver for the App Store

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