Facebook helps gather food for the needy
Facebook helps gather food for the needy

The Facebook platform has a new feature that allows American users to collect groceries, clothes, and other necessities for those who need them.

This feature relies on fundraising tools from social media in case of an emergency. But this time, it is not about giving out real goods it is more about collecting donations.

This feature is called "drives" and is provided through the Facebook Community Help Center, which focuses on inquiries and support within the local community.

The Community Help Center was first launched in 2017 so that Facebook users can focus their resources on themselves after the crisis.

This feature was widely used in 2020 as part of Facebook's response to the Coronavirus.

Amid the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people are unemployed in the United States, and 12 million people are at risk of losing unemployment benefits in December, when the provisions of the CARES Act expire. .

Facebook also enables users to participate in the business of collecting food, clothing, and other necessities for those in need through Drive.

You can find it by typing (Community Help) in the Facebook search bar to find a shortcut that takes you to the Community Help Center and then clicking on Get Help to access it.

You can then fill in the following information on the form: The types of items you want to collect and the number of items you want to collect. When you publish a Drive, others will see the remaining items that will be collected by the tool - Goal Monitor.

Once you set up the campaign, not only will the Drive feature appear in community help, but it will also appear as a regular post in your news source and timeline.

Facebook also indicated that all Community Help Center posts (including posts about Drive features) are reviewed to ensure that they do not violate community standards or product guidelines. Platform.

These guidelines prohibit promotional content, non-original contributions, and contributions from users under the age of 18.

The Drive feature is just one of the platform's many vacation assistance efforts, as Instagram will soon provide new fundraising tools.

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