Apple's global security chief is accused of corruption
Apple's global security chief is accused of corruption

According to a press release, a California grand jury has filed a lawsuit against the head of global security for Apple for attempting to bribe Santa Clara County officials to obtain a license to conceal weapons.

It is illegal to carry weapons concealed in California without permission, and county public has broad discretion to hand over weapons.

Santa Clara Attorney General Jeff Rosen (Jeff Rosen) claimed that Thomas Muir (Thomas Muir) supplied Captain James Johnson and Captain Rick Song with 200 iPads valued at approximately $ 70,000. Santa Clara County Sheriff in exchange for four gun licenses for Apple employees.

The charges came as part of an ongoing corruption investigation between the Santa Clara County attorney's office and the attorney general's office. Prosecutors allegedly exchanged donations for Police Captain Lori Smith's 2018 re-election campaign in exchange for a concealed weapons license.

Rosen said in the press release, "Captain Jason has fulfilled Moore's promise that Apple will donate an iPad to the captain's office."

According to Rosen's office, the iPad was never shipped when Captain Jensen and Captain Moore learned in 2019 that the attorney general was reviewing the Police Captains Division's license records to carry weapons.

Muir’s attorney Ed Swanson said in a statement that Muir’s allegations against him were innocent, adding that he believed Muir had suffered in Santa Clara. The impact of the dispute between the director and the public prosecutor.

Swanson said he has done nothing wrong and has shown utmost integrity throughout his career. We have no doubt that he will be acquitted in court.

Apple said: It conducted its own investigation and found no error.

Moir, 50, has been with Apple for 15 years and has been the head of global security since November 2018. In 2018, he wrote a memo warning Apple employees about the potential consequences of revealing information to the media.

After shooting other tech companies in Silicon Valley (like the 2018 YouTube incident), Muir's lawyer added, Moir applied for weapons licenses from some of the company's security guards to protect managers and employees.

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