Google Assistant can organize smart lights
Google Assistant can organize smart lights

According to the document from the developer of the Google Assistant, Google Assistant Smart Now users can schedule lights and other devices to turn on and off at certain times using the "predefined action" function.

Google Assistant has been working with Philips Hue and other smart lights that can be controlled wirelessly for a while now.

The assistant can turn on and off these smart lights and set alarms. Now you can tell the assistant when to turn on the lights and other smart home devices.

If you want to turn lights or other electrical appliances on or off on a particular day, you should plan this carefully.

It is not enough to say, "Turn on the light at 8:00 pm tomorrow." You have to say, "Turn off the lights on Tuesday at 8 pm".

You can set sunrise and sunset as time to turn the lights on and off without specifying the exact time.

You can also use Google Assistant to set a time period to keep the lights on, for example b. Turn on the light for 10 minutes.

The feature still works, and Reddit users have also noted that the undo scheduled actions feature doesn't appear to be working.

According to the Google Assistant smart home documentation, it is clear that these features will work soon, which will make the digital assistant smarter and allow the lights to work according to the time or duration you specify.

Earlier this month, Google Assistant introduced new features to help keep the family and entertainment organized.

Most of the changes affect smart screens such as the Nest Hub Max, which has many old and new features in a new section called the Family tab.

Family Notes is the first newly added feature that allows you to include sticky notes as notes in To-Do and Reminders.

Google Assistant offers two new educational and entertainment options for families with children. The assistant has a new voice command that you can use to get the most recent information about your family's whereabouts or to ask specific family members.

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