Because of the patents ... Apple is required to pay $ 500 million
Because of the patents ... Apple is required to pay $ 500 million

Bloomberg reports that a Texas jury has ruled that Apple must pay VirnetX $ 502.8 million for a secure communications patent.

A jury in Tyler, Texas will determine how much Apple VirnetX owes VirnetX in the Apple On-Demand Revenue (VPN), a feature iOS users can use to access a VPN.

The decision represents the jury's final verdict in a ten-year legend in which two companies fought a ten-year legal battle over Apple VPN on Demand and FaceTime using VirnetX.

The company's invention (VirnetX) grew out of the technology it developed for the CIA.

(VirnetX) she told the jury she was entitled to more than $ 700 million in damages. Apple responded that it owed nearly $ 113 million, saying the equity percentage for any device should not exceed 19 cents and the jury is 84 cents. The price resolves the device.

VirnetX is sometimes referred to as a patent phishing because it relies on patent revenue to generate revenue. After reaching an agreement, he received $ 200 million from Microsoft in 2010.

Apple previously paid VirnetX up to $ 454 million in damages to decide on the previous version of the feature.

Apple said in a statement: "We are disappointed with the decision and plan to challenge the decision." Since patents have nothing to do with the underlying performance of our products, this situation has lasted for more than ten years and the Patent Office has concluded that these patents are invalid. This situation stifled innovation and caused fraud. Consumers are hurting.

Earlier this year, the United States Court of Appeals rejected Apple's request to reconsider a separate decision found to be in violation of the VirnetX patent.

A Texas federal court ordered Apple to pay VirnetX $ 502.6 million in 2018 for violating four patents related to current internet communications.

A three-judge panel overturned the amount in November 2019 but did not make a jury decision that some of the older iPhone models were infringing on VirnetX patents.

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