Bezos offers $ 791 million from his climate fund
Bezos offers $ 791 million from his climate fund

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced the first recipient of a $ 10 billion climate fund.

Unlike other tech giants fighting to combat climate change, Bezos focuses on stakeholder financing.

Bezos named 16 environmental organizations via Instagram that will receive the first portion of his climate protection fund.

These organizations received a total of $ 791 million from the richest people in the world, although Bezos did not specify how much income each group would receive.

"I learned in the last few months from a group of people who have made their lives a vital company in combating climate change and its impact on the global community," Bezos said. "It has inspired my work and I am very excited about it. It can help them expand their lives."

The CEO of Amazon announced in February that it had created a $ 10 billion Bezos Earth Fund.

The Climate Fund accounts for more than 7% of net assets. That's 10 times as much efforts by global charities to curb climate change in 2018.

Bezos chose to support a number of past conservation organizations with a long history. Your choice reflects support for major environmental organizations that mobilize new strategies and research on climate change.

His election marks a recent departure from the contributions of Amazon and other giants to climate tech startups.

Unlike Bezos, Amazon and Microsoft have pledged to use the funds to develop new technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Amazon announced in September that most of the first round of its $ 2 billion climate fund will be used to start more electric cars and reduce carbon emissions. .

Microsoft said in January it would spend $ 1 billion over four years on technology to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

So far, Bezos has avoided large groups critical of him and Amazon, such as the Sunrise movement, which does not necessarily prevent Bezos from accepting money to promote his campaign.

"We would like to remind you that Bezos made more than $ 48 billion during the pandemic and that more than 40 million Americans have declared unemployment," the Sunrise Movement said in September.

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