Facebook wants to help creators generate income
Facebook wants to help creators generate income

Facebook Inc. In helping creators earn money and build meaningful businesses on Facebook.

To help creators achieve their financial goals, the company is working to enable more creators to generate advertising revenue from content that matches the copyright manager content and serving interstitial ads in more countries / regions.

Facebook is expanding its access to Rights Manager to give more creators with large or growing content lists greater control over when, how and where content is shared between Facebook and Instagram.

All website administrators around the world can submit requests to protect the rights of images and videos.

Facebook said, "Within copyright management, we have improved the ad revenue tracking tool and are working to increase availability. This means that more content creators can get ad revenue from videos related to the use of interstitial ads."

The company added a new filter to find matches that generate income, provide better tips on leveraging monetization opportunities, reports on exportable earnings, and accumulate while adding real estate links to relevant videos. Advertising revenue capacity.

You can also easily manage ads from your mobile device with the new InStream ad-editing ability in Creator Studio.

Facebook has also released new video information to help copyright owners define and improve their protection activities and use fan-centered publishing as an important part of their business intelligence.

The company expanded its radio advertisements to Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, and Turkey and provided 45 countries / regions with radio advertising programs.

Eligible sites from these countries / regions can join the program and start monetizing eligible videos.

Facebook launched its support for the copyright claims in September. Anyone can claim image rights, but disputes between potential rights holders usually revert to who made the claim first.

If creators want to appeal Facebook's decision, they can use Facebook's IP Report Form.

The fact that people can now track and protect their private photos on Facebook is a big change for the platform, especially with the spread of reach.

Often accounts will re-share photos that you don't own. As they have more pages, there may be more deletions that change the way people use Instagram and the number of republics they create. On the platform.

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