China is ahead of the United States on artificial intelligence patents
China is ahead of the United States on artificial intelligence patents

China is now leading the United States in patent applications for artificial intelligence, overtaking the United States for the first time. The move would raise China's second place in the AI ​​market in the technical and trade war between Beijing and Washington.

Li Yuxiao, vice president of the China Cyberspace Academy, highlighted the achievement during a press conference at the Seventh World Congress.

China filed more than 110,000 patent applications for artificial intelligence last year, surpassing US requirements worldwide, according to Li from the China Cyberspace Administration, an affiliate of the industry regulator. Quantity. .

"China is strengthening its independence and technical capabilities in Internet information technology," Li Zhaoxing said. He did not disclose how many AI patents the United States registered in 2019.

The United States and China are competing for supremacy in key advanced technologies, including areas such as artificial intelligence, quantum computers, and 5G networks. In China, the rapid increase in patent applications for artificial intelligence, financing, and the commercial publication of surveillance activities prompted the US government to take action last October when several Chinese tech leaders were added to Washington's commercial blacklist. This restricts the use of high-tech US components such as semiconductors and software.

China - has formulated a plan to become a global leader in artificial intelligence by 2030 - given the technology's unclear application scenarios, and significant investment, security and ethical issues face challenges.

Both China and the United States see promising technology potential to increase the efficiency of their respective economies, including manufacturing, transportation, logistics, healthcare and education.

According to research firm iiMedia, the surveillance market was the largest end user of artificial intelligence in China last year, accounting for 53.8% of all apps running this technology. The financial sector followed closely with 15.8%, followed by the marketing sector with 11.6%, followed by the transportation sector with 4.2%.

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