Facebook in South Korea has been fined for sharing user information without the user's consent
Facebook in South Korea has been fined for sharing user information without the user's consent

South Korea's Personal Data Protection Commission on Wednesday imposed a fine of 6.7 billion won (about $ 6.06 million) on Facebook and conducted a criminal investigation into the company. Because it forwards users' personal data to other operators without their consent.

The Korea Personal Data Protection Commission, which was established in August last year, announced in a statement that there were at least 3.3 million pieces of information among the 18 million social media users in South Korea. It found that personal data between May 2012 and June 2018 contained personal data. On personal data. She was not known to any operator other than Facebook.

The committee said: If a person uses another operator's service through the login credentials used on Facebook, the personal information of the user's friends will be provided on the communications page of the other operator without his consent.

The information Facebook shares include: username, education, work history, city, and marital status.

The committee said, "When a user logs into their Facebook account, they can consent to sharing their information with a specific service. However, the user's friends do not know and do not know that their data is shared."

Then the third-party apps used the data provided by Facebook without the user's permission to advertise on social networks. The committee said the company ended up making unfair profits by sharing user data without users' consent.

The committee added that the company also stores users' password data without encryption and does not send regular notifications to users when they access their data.

The committee also said: Facebook provided incorrect or incomplete documents during the investigation. Doing so, he added, made it difficult to determine the exact extent of the company's breach and obstructed the investigation. In response to these hurdles, Facebook has been fined 66 million won.

The commission said that the convicted party (Facebook Ireland) would be handed over to the country's public prosecutor for criminal investigation.

A Facebook spokesperson from Seoul said in a statement, "During the investigation, we worked together as much as possible. We regret that the Data Protection Council has conducted a criminal investigation."

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