Discover 3 new features of Google Maps
Discover 3 new features of Google Maps

Despite the widespread belief that users can use map services in restricted conditions and mobility (COVID-19), Google is working hard to make its applications more useful and convenient Because of the application, Google Maps announced three new benefits, including traffic jams. Dropship.

Google said, "Since its popularity began, we have added nearly 250 new features and improvements to Google Maps to allow you to adapt to this new standard."

Example: Google uses aggregate location data to list the peak times of nearly 20 million sites around the world. You may want to avoid this. Meanwhile, these maps are updated 50 million times a day and contain reliable data from more than 10,000 local governments, transit agencies, and other organizations.

In September, Google Maps added a COVID-19 layer that displays an average of 7 days (per 100,000 people) and indicates whether the number of incidents is increasing or decreasing. Google now displays the total number of confirmed cases and deaths, and provides links to local resources.

When searching for routes, the congestion data in Google Maps also shows the status of bus routes in real time. This extension applies to buses, trains and subways as Google only displays this information to stations based on users who have provided feedback in the app, allowing Google to offer an experience built into the status indicator (live). Since this information is stored together, it may not be available in all locations, but it should be used around the world soon.

Google Maps positions itself as a food delivery hub. Google now displays live status of food deliveries and deliveries in the US, Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil and India based on orders placed through the app. Estimated waiting time and shipping costs are also included and can be requested quickly. These features are now available for Android and iOS.

It should be noted that Google closed the Trusted Contacts app to share its location, as it announced that it would completely close the app on December 1st and remove the app from the Google Play Store. This surprising initiative started 4 years after the app was launched when the Trusted Contacts app first appeared in late 2016. This app quickly and securely shares your status with close friends or family members so they can remotely monitor you or find your location in an emergency.

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