Twitter officially announces temporary Tweets for everyone
Twitter officially announces temporary Tweets for everyone

Today, Tuesday, Twitter announced the official launch of the (temporary tweets) feature that will disappear after a certain period of time to compete with most popular posts and stories in other social media applications.

In March of last year, the US tech giant began testing its new feature - Fleets - which stands for short-lived. Today announced that it will be open to all users.

Twitter said on its blog on Tuesday, “The goal of Twitter is to become a public chat service because you can see what is going on and discuss. However, some people tell us that Twitter is not appropriate because it is. Public and permanent. There is a lot of pressure to collect tweets (like). She added, "That's why. Unfortunately there are still a lot of tweets in the draft! ''

According to Twitter, the company is working to reduce pressure on users to talk about the latest developments so that users feel more comfortable. So the Fleets started today so everyone can easily join the conversation in a new way and with their brief ideas.

Although Twitter has only allowed tweets (since its inception in 2006), the new features the company is testing in Brazil seem to only aim to diversify the user experience and keep up with the features that have become so important today. Even if they are dedicated to work. I tested the field of social networking (LinkedIn) before Twitter.

Similar to the story function in other apps, temporary Tweets disappear after 24 hours. Twitter said: Temporary Tweets are designed to alleviate the fears of new users who do not like the generality and persistence of regular Tweets.

Twitter states: Temporary Tweets are impossible to repost and cannot be "liked", but other users can reply to them so that those replies appear as private messages on the original Tweets rather than public Tweets. Please note that temporary tweets will not appear in the search results, but anyone can see other people's tweets, even if you are not in the list of subscribers.

Twitter hopes temporary tweets will encourage users to share more impromptu daily thoughts rather than persistent tweets. These persistent Tweets are persistent, do not disappear, and cannot be edited.

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