Facebook and Twitter respond to allegations of election theft
Facebook and Twitter respond to allegations of election theft

After President Donald Trump falsely declared his victory in the presidential election, Facebook added a notice at the top of the Facebook and Instagram pages that there was no winner in the US presidential election.

The news that Facebook and Twitter chose to name Trump - the same thing on both platforms - said: They are trying to steal the election, and we will not allow them to do so and we will not be able to vote once the polls are over.

The Twitter platform restricts the sharing of tweets.

Several major states still count votes, including Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

This work does not include additional votes, but rather addresses the unprecedented increase in the number of official votes that do not count by correspondence.

Shortly after the restrictions were implemented, Twitter posted a tweet on its official account and wrote in the tweet: We issued a warning on a tweet on (Donald Trump's) account, claiming that it might have an effect. Impact on elections. Making misleading statements is consistent with our citizenship policy.

Within the limits of Twitter, users must click on the warning box to view the Tweet in the feed and on the homepage. You may not like or respond to the tweet.

Retweets are limited to the "Tweet" feature, which allows users to share messages with their comments only.

President Trump posted the same message on Facebook, and the platform added a poster for the message saying votes were still being counted when users were directed to the Electoral Information Center via Facebook.

Facebook has not taken any measures to prevent the post from being broadcast on its network.

In another post on both platforms, Trump appeared to hint at future announcements without declaring victory prematurely.

Trump said: "I will make a statement tonight. It's a great victory." Neither network has made a decision on this position.

Twitter imposed similar restrictions on Trump campaign employees. Mike Roman, Election Day Campaign Manager, posted a tweet about allegations of widespread fraud in Philadelphia and a paragraph later described by the city attorney general. This is a deceptive video.

Prosecutors told reporters that incorrect information on the Internet led to more calls to the election hotline than what actually happened at the polling stations.

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