Pixel 5 will automatically switch to wireless charger
Pixel 5 will automatically switch to wireless charger

(Pixel 5) is one of the many leading cell phones that enables reverse wireless charging. Google has done a particularly clever job implementing this feature in this phone.

When the (USB-C) cable is connected, (Pixel 5) automatically enables the reverse wireless charging function, effectively converting it into a charger that supports the (Qi) standard.

The search giant is very adept at handling automatic functions, and according to supporting documentation, Battery Share only works for a short time.

Google announced a battery sharing feature for the Pixel 5, which essentially turns the phone into a power bank.

You can use the settings menu or the quick settings key to quickly activate the function and charge any Qi-enabled device from the headphones to another smartphone.

The first time you enable this feature, you will receive a notification that will appear every time you connect another device to charge it.

If the phone detects that another Qi-enabled device on top can be charged, it will work normally.

You don't need to worry about battery life or turn off this feature manually. If no other Qi-compatible device consumes power within 30 seconds, the battery sharing function will be disabled automatically.

If you know that the device you are charging (be it a wireless headphone or another cell phone) is full, the feature also turns itself off.

This does not mean that if the phone is not connected to a power source through the USB-C port, it cannot use reverse wireless charging to share power.

Even if you are not on the charger, you can enable battery sharing manually.

Reverse wireless charging is a great way to use Qi chargers in cell phones to charge other devices. However, changing the settings every time you use this function becomes an obstacle.

Google is trying to solve this problem with automatic reverse wireless charging. This is a great way to completely convert your Pixel 5 into a full Qi charger that can be easily transported anywhere.

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