Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 support the S Pen
Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 support the S Pen

A new report released in South Korea stated that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy S21 support the S Pen and the Galaxy Note series may be discontinued.

2020 is a strong year for Samsung as Samsung's three flagships - the Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Z Fold - have generally received positive feedback.

However, if you take a closer look, you will find that the lines between these strings are blurred, causing damage to their targets.

Samsung seems to have noticed that its latest flagship phone lines are staggered.

Shortly after the launch of the Galaxy Note 20 series, the Galaxy Note series rumors stopped, but they were just rumors.

According to the new report, an official in the Samsung Group confirmed some of these rumors.

Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in June 2021 and is currently producing final samples in bulk.

This foldable flagship is equipped with a camera under the screen and has a slot for the S Pen which, like the current Galaxy Note series, fits into the body of the phone.

S Pen support has also arrived on the Galaxy S21, but this phone is unlikely to have a built-in stylus slot.

Alternatively, the S Pen is sold separately, and some official boxes may have a built-in stylus slot.

When the S Pen enters the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy S21, the Galaxy Note series will lose its key features and leave some features out.

While the Galaxy Note 20 is clearly the flagship, its biggest selling point is the S Pen. Losing this uniqueness is like losing your entire identity.

Samsung is said to have developed the second generation of ultra-thin glass with the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Not only does it provide good protection from scratches with the S Pen, it can also place a digitizer on the screen to identify the S-Pen.

Samsung also plans to place a front camera underneath the Galaxy Z Fold 3. However, if the final image quality is not good, you can remove it from this generation.

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