Lintratek 70dB Band 4 Band 5 Dual Band Cell Phone Signal
Lintratek 70dB Band 4 Band 5 Dual Band Cell Phone Signal

Lintratek 70 dB 4 Band 5 AT&T Verizon Sprint 3G 4G LTE 850MHz CDMA 1700/2100 MHz AWS Cellular Booster for Home / Office

  •     ☆ New Lintratek BNAD 4 and BAND 5 cell phone signal amplifier can process 4 and 5 frequency band signals. If the cell phone contains 4 or 5 band signals or both are used at the same time, the new signal booster will be used. Signal amplifiers can improve the signal .
  •     ☆ Supports 3G, 4G, DATA & VOICE AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and other 3G 4G signals from US carriers. It enhances mobile data and voice for all users in the service area, and user equipment is unlimited.
  •     The gain and high power of the cellular amplifier are up to 70dB and 23dB respectively, and it has AGC function. The total coverage area is 2000-3000 square feet.
  •     Advanced appearance speaker / signal booster is made of metal, but it looks advanced and has cooling function. There are two screens on the surface, all of which provide real-time information about the signal strength increase.
  •     ☆ Quality and Service Warranty Lintratek Mobile Signal Amplifier / Booster offers 30 days return authorization and 1 year free maintenance. We will arrange a special customer service to solve all your problems.

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