Gmail tools indicate issues with iOS gadgets
Gmail tools indicate issues with iOS gadgets

Today, Google updated its email service app for iPhone and iPad devices, adding new widgets that can be added to Today Center, as well as other widgets that can be added to the iPhone home screen.

You can use the Gmail tool to browse the email service application, create a new email, or view unread email.

The tool only provides shortcuts for these tasks, it does not list sensitive email information, and it cannot be assigned to other jobs.

However, this might not be the Gmail tool you want as there is no real preview of the inbox content or it sorts the messages by archiving or deleting without opening or reading the app. Incoming messages possible in any way.

The most interactive component is the simple counter (unread), and the app's code has been in use for many years.

Blame Google for making other messaging apps more powerful tools. However, the main culprit is Apple, which severely limits the functionality of iOS gadgets.

Apple tools are designed not to be interactive. For this reason, you cannot select any of the to-do list items in the reminder tool, and you cannot understand why the Spotify tool or the Apple Music Mini tool does not have any functions and no play and pause controls.

The company’s developer's guide states the following: These tools provide read-only information and do not support interactive elements such as scrolling objects or buttons.

Apple gives developers the ability to regularly update widgets in the background. However, this is far from allowing interactive elements.

Apple could loosen restrictions on developers allowing tools to be used in future versions of iOS.

IOS 14 marked the first appearance of this feature. However, unless the company completely changes its ability to offer UI elements, it looks like users will be confused by these limited tools for the foreseeable future.

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