YouTube shows ads without giving the creator a profit
YouTube shows ads without giving the creator a profit

YouTube initially displays ads through videos from some creators but does not bring them any portion of the ad revenue because they are not old enough to sign up for the membership program.

When running ads through YouTube videos, creators typically earn some of their income from roles in the YouTube Partner Program.

In accordance with the new monetization rules and the platform's updated terms of use, creators who are not part of the affiliate program may see ads on some of their videos.

The platform added a new part to the terms of use, which states that users have the right to invest in content through the service. Winning may include displaying in or in content ads or charging users for access. However, the deal did not work. You are making money.

Since the YouTube Affiliate Program requires creators to watch 4,000 hours in the last 12 months and have more than 1,000 subscribers, this update will affect smaller creators with fewer viewers.

Advertising is seen as a big business on YouTube and its parent company Google, with the video-sharing platform making $ 5 billion in the last quarter alone, and it's also important for content producers who rely on the platform to make payments to themselves for support. Revenues.

YouTube can now show more ads on its platform and you no longer have to pay large numbers of creators.

The company maintains that ads cannot be used in videos made by non-partner content producers that focus on sensitive topics.

For members of the YouTube community, this news did not go quietly and the relationship between YouTube community and revenue has been an issue for many years.

In late 2016 and early 2017, revenue for creators who joined the affiliate program fell sharply as the platform tried to record videos and other harmful content that would disturb children.

YouTube has not specified how many content producers will see ads in their videos without paying for them. However, the company has confirmed that channels of all sizes can watch ads.

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