Google and Apple join the Next G Alliance to jointly develop 6G
Google and Apple join the Next G Alliance to jointly develop 6G

Google and Apple joined the 6G Potential Stakeholder Alliance, which is run by the American trade group NextG of the Alliance for Trade and Industry Solutions (ATIS).

The group will hold its first meeting this week. Based on the long-term development of 5G networks in the future, the group will strive to consolidate North America's leading mobile technology in 6G networks over the next decade.

As a leader in technology and solutions development, the Communications Industry Solutions Alliance (ATIS) brings together the world's best ICT companies to drive business trend in the industry.

Google and Apple joined the program just weeks after releasing the first devices to support 5G. This indicates that companies need to consider technological advances.

The duo joined Cisco, HP, Intel, LG, VMWare, Charter Communications, Keysight, Mavenir and MITER.

Google and Apple joined the founders of Nokia, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Samsung, Facebook, Ericsson, Verizon, AT&T Bell Canada, Ciena, Interdigital, JMA Wireless, Telus, Telnyx, T-Mobile, and US Cellular.

So far, only Ericsson, Huawei and Samsung have released letters of full intent for their 6G networks.

Huawei cannot join the group now. Due to the current penalties, he is ineligible, but he has increased his training.

The team hopes to avoid delays in the sixth-generation roadmap due to the current problems between China and the United States.

If the relationship does not improve, two processes that are completely incompatible with the sixth generation can run and consumers are the losers. So working together in these early stages is crucial.

The proposed 6G network bandwidth is still not allowed. By 2030, when we see some form of public spectrum use, the world may turn out to be a completely different place.

“Our founding members are major industry players driving ecosystem innovation,” said Susan Miller, President and CEO of the ATIS Alliance.

As part of the Next G Alliance, she added, they are demonstrating their commitment to paving the way for the future of North American leadership in mobile technology.

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