Google automatically converts web pages into videos
Google automatically converts web pages into videos

Google's AI team is developing a future solution that can automatically convert web pages into short videos.

Having a product page can create a useful video to show customers all the information. However, you may not have the budget to hire someone to do so.

Typical video prices range from $ 880 to $ 1,200. Production can take several days to several weeks.

If you have limitations on video output, such as duration and aspect ratio, you can use URL2Video to convert Google web pages into short videos.

The tool tries to preserve the design language of the source page and use its elements (such as text, images, and clips) to create new videos.

To train the model, the company interviewed the designers to identify the important aspects of the website derived from the experimental method.

Based on this information, the tool analyzes the page, organizes the basic elements, and selects the most important elements (such as images) based on the conditions provided by the user to create videos.

After creating the video, you can change the color and style to update the footage as needed.

The tool extracts content from web pages such as text, images, design styles, fonts, colors, and graphic layouts, and organizes them into a series of snaps to give them a look similar to the source page.

Google believes the system could be beneficial for companies that host websites that contain visual offers for their services or products.

This content can be reused for videos, the company said, giving those without adequate resources access to a larger audience.

Google said: The tool (URL2Video) efficiently extracts elements from web pages and helps designers in implementing the video production process.

According to reports, Google is not the only company involved in this work, as the Chinese company Baidu has applied an artificial intelligence system with limited capacity. Only one website address can be used to create audio informational videos.

The Google AI team hopes to provide the ability to add audio tracks and voiceovers during the editing process in the future.

The company anticipates a future as developers will focus on making effective decisions, and a machine learning model provides interactive detailed timing and graphics adjustments to create the final video across multiple platforms.

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