The European Union does not want to break up the tech giants
The European Union does not want to break up the tech giants

Quoting the head of the European Union's antitrust declaration issued on Sunday: There is no need to break up tech giants like Google and Facebook.

European Union Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager will announce the new draft regulation for the digital industry on December 2nd.

Then it should base its proposals on the proposals of the Member States and the European Parliament.

Westager said Thursday it will develop new enforcement powers to fix market failures in digital markets and prevent new ones from emerging.

The new law will restrict large tech companies, including measures to ensure that customers are protected, small competitors are treated fairly, and dealt with illegal content.

Although the final version is based on negotiations with the European Parliament and the member states of the European Union, the new bill has reached the level of a comprehensive reform of digital regulation.

Westager told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntag newspaper that while the European Union could use the move in extreme cases, he did not think the tech giant needed to be dismantled.

"This will not happen, and we do not have cases that could lead to this step," she told the newspaper in an interview.

European Union Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton said: The proposed rules would compel tech giants to break up or sell parts if they believe the tech giants' dominance is threatened. The interests of clients and small competitors. European company.

The Digital Services Act aims to modernize e-commerce rules in the European Union by making tech companies more responsible, such as having to verify a seller's identity to get rid of fraudulent sellers.

The law requires companies to deal with illegal content such as hate speech and to report its removal from that content.

The Digital Market Law contains new rules for important online platforms that include technology giants such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon.

The law prohibits technology companies from highlighting their products in search results and forbids these companies from using data collected from their business users to compete with other markets, which seriously undermines the fairness of these companies. Markets.

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