Google goes beyond Apple's limits by launching the Stadia web app for iOS
Google goes beyond Apple's limits by launching the Stadia web app for iOS

Google announced Thursday that after Microsoft and Nvidia, iOS will support the cloud-based game-streaming service, Stadia. Microsoft and Nvidia are trying to lift Apple's restrictions on the App Store.

Google said it has created a progressive PWA web app for the service (Estadia) that works in Apple's web browser (Safari), similar to the game streaming service GeForce Now announced by Nvidia on Thursday. Then Microsoft announced earlier that it would do the same with xCloud next year.

Similar to what Nvidia announced yesterday that it will launch a beta version of the app (GeForce Now), Google will publish a beta version of the app (Estadia) in the coming weeks.

These metrics come from Google, Microsoft, and Nvidia. Apple clarified the Game Streaming Services Act in August last year and said at the time: Companies that provide such services are not permitted to start operating them via the App Store. Due to the company's restrictions on software for playing games on smartphones, iPhones and iPads.

Then, in September of last year, Apple came under fire from companies like Microsoft and announced that it would loosen restrictions. However, Apple has continued to urge the company to download games from the App Store.

The release of the iOS web app progressive test coincides with the first anniversary of the Estadia release. After Google announced Thursday that it will provide the Bungies Destiny 2 games for free, on Thursday it announced that it will make the first games free.

Google also announced State Share, a new service (Estadia) feature that allows players to post their game scores to viewers or subscribers via social media platforms. This feature will launch in January with the release of IO Interactive's Hitman 3 game.

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