Google has officially started encrypting messages from Android Message users
Google has officially started encrypting messages from Android Message users

Google has started offering encryption (end-to-end) for its so-called rich communication services, and for many years it has tried to make this an alternative to the popular SMS (SMS) system.

RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a communication protocol between mobile phone companies. The goal is to replace short messages with a more comprehensive SMS system, because it not only provides the function of exchanging text messages, but also the exchange of multimedia content such as pictures and videos.

Abundant communication services also have the advantage of providing some common functions of popular instant messaging services such as WhatsApp from Facebook. These features include: index creation, last viewed information, location sharing and the ability to share messages for longer than SMS.

Thanks to its extensive communication services, users also know when to read messages, exchange codes, and use better group chat functions.

Google said Thursday that it has completed the global sale of its end-to-end RCS communications services and is now entering a new phase of end-to-end encryption.

About 10 years ago, especially after the infamous leaks between the former contractor and the US National Security Agency (Edward Snowden), the encryption job (end-to-end) was in great demand, and the latter exposed espionage.

End-to-end encryption is believed to be the antidote to this type of espionage and it uses strong encryption to encrypt messages with a unique key for each user. And because the key is only present on the user's device, end-to-end encryption prevents anyone (including app makers, ISPs, network operators, and outside organizations) from reading the message.

Currently, many popular instant messaging apps use end-to-end encryption, along with other apps, including WhatsApp from Facebook, Signal from Apple, and iMessage.

Google clarified that end-to-end encryption is currently available for users of the beta version of the Android Messages app. The feature will continue to be rolled out until next year.

The US technology giant released the technical details of the new feature and said: The end-to-end encryption function of the Android Msjz app depends on the encryption protocol used by the app. (Indication) which is immediate. The most secure messaging app.

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