Google is using light rays to deliver the Internet in Africa
Google is using light rays to deliver the Internet in Africa

Google's sister company X announced on Tuesday that its high-speed wireless broadband project in Tara is partnering with internet provider Econet and its subsidiaries to boost its technology in sub-Saharan Africa.

This technology is being used privately after a series of tests in Kenya. However, the Taara and Econet project is preparing to start with Kenyan customers of Liquid Telecom adding high-speed wireless optical links to complete and optimize the range. From Econet services.

The Tara project is another way to extend broadband network coverage to parts of the world that are inaccessible or connected at high speeds mainly due to infrastructure problems.

It should be noted that Taara's project (X) is basically a fiber optic cable, but in reality there is no cable because it uses a narrow and invisible beam to transfer data between the two ends that can extend the distance between them extending up to 20 km and provide transmission speeds of up to 20 Gb / a second. This means that it can connect thousands of customers or homes to the Internet at blazing speeds for high-quality video transmission.

Tara technology is mainly used to repair traditional fiber optic networks caused by obstacles such as crossing rivers or terrain where it is difficult or impossible to connect to the Internet using terrestrial or underground cables. This technology requires uninterrupted visibility, so X places it in a higher frame to achieve this. This also means that it is best suited to fill gaps in traditional networks without the need to create a new network.

It differs from efforts like Alphabet's Loon Balloon, which flies through the stratosphere, or the Starlink satellite network Starlink.

It should be noted that (X) Taara has tried many publishers around the world, but today's announcement shows that it has matured. In the marketing stage, it will soon be able to use the service in many places in addition to the existing network.

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