Google is working to improve privacy standards for Chrome extensions
Google is working to improve privacy standards for Chrome extensions

Google said: There are plans to add a new section in the Chrome Web Store that will allow add-on and add-on developers to disclose the data they collect from users and its purpose.

The new version of the content is expected to take effect on January 18, 2021 and will appear in the list of all extensions in the Chrome Web Store as a button called "Privacy Practices."

To make this process easier, Google has added a new section to the Chrome Web Store dashboard that allows extension developers to specify the data they collect from users.

The new Google Data Usage Dashboard contains a limited number of pre-defined options that are effective in preventing Chrome extension developers from using certain data collection methods.

Prohibited practices include the following: In addition to ensuring that user data is used or transmitted for the benefit of users, and depending on the specific purpose, the scope of user data is expanded in bulk. User data cannot be used or transferred for customized advertising purposes.

Google said: There are plans to show notifications to all developers in the Chrome Web Store developer dashboard and ask extension developers to set the (Privacy practices) section.

It should be noted that Google's new data disclosure policy is not the first, as Apple announced by developers at the annual WWDC 2020 developer conference in June last year that a list of all app stores will soon have to be included. The data they collect from users is found in the app store and it lists the data used to track users in other apps.

Given the current situation this year, Google also announced that it will extend support for Windows 7 Chrome until at least January 15, 2022.

This is six months after the original target date and includes security and productivity benefits.

This extension ensures that Windows 7 users can continue to benefit from security upgrades in the Chrome browser and roadmap for future features.

Chrome browser support for Windows 7 is expected to end in July 2021 as the browser will no longer receive feature and security updates.

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