Windows programs can now run on the new Mac
Windows programs can now run on the new Mac

As we all know, Apple's new Macs with the M1 chip can run Intel and ARM apps developed for macOS and iOS. However, Mac users who depend on Windows to run certain programs have system duplication. Running camp. Start support.

However, CodeWeavers announced that CrossOver version 20 can now be used on newer Mac computers. This means that devices with the M1 chip can run Windows directly from Mac OS.

It should be noted that CrossOver is a platform based on the open-source Wine project that can run virtual Windows environments on Mac OS and Linux systems. In other words, the platform allows users to install and run Windows software on other operating systems without having to install a full copy of Windows, as is usually the case on a virtual machine.

Although Apple and Microsoft have confirmed that the newer ARM-based Macs no longer support Windows, CodeWeavers can at least run the CrossOver 20 platform on devices with an M1 chip so far. .

The latest version of CrossOver uses Rosetta 2 technology to emulate Windows Intel binaries on Mac OS, which emulates x86 binary file systems on Mac computers based on the new ARM architecture.

The CrossOver team has successfully installed some Windows software on the new computer, including the desktop versions of "Between Us" and "Team Fortress 2".

It should be noted that CrossOver 20 is only available on Apple computers with an M1 chip and running macOS Big Sur 11.1 beta, which contains important fixes for Rosetta 2 technology.

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