Hangouts is losing group video calls
Hangouts is losing group video calls

Google has begun removing group video calls from Google Hangouts. The company proposes to stop additional jobs in the coming months.

The messaging app, previously known as Google Talk, will soon be replaced by Google Chat and Google Meet. It has now been updated to version 36, resulting in the loss of the first functionality before the scheduled shutdown in 2021.

Google Hangouts version 36.0 for Android and iOS adds a new Google Meet icon in the top right corner of every conversation.

Google Hangouts users are now welcomed to the top of the contact list. This indicates that Google Hangouts group video calls are now using Google Meet.

This update provides you with real-time closed captions, screen sharing, and more, as well as links to Google support pages.

When you try to start a group video call in one of your groups, a link to Google Meet is placed in the chat room so that anyone can join the browser instead of automatically accessing the app. In the communication interface.

Plus, you can still make one-on-one video calls through Google Hangouts. So far, the audio calls sound completely unchanged.

You can downgrade Google Hangouts and use group video calling.

Google Meet video calling is limited to 10 free guests. For the participants who have a paid workspace, there are 25 participants, and below 25 participants are free for all. Via Google Hangouts.

And with the rise of Chat, Dating, Messaging, Hangouts, Allo, Duo, G +, and Currents in the past few years, it appears that Google is determined to narrow its suite of communication apps to "chat" and "party." And the message.

In October, Google announced a free "Chat" version next year as part of Google Hangouts' permanent suspension.

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