Google wants to speed up installation of important applications
Google wants to speed up installation of important applications

Google is committed to making it easier to log in to apps on new devices, and is working behind the scenes to speed up the installation of important apps with the new "Installation Instructions" feature.

This feature allows your most important applications to run on your new device as quickly as possible.

Moving from one Android phone to another is not easy, especially with rebranding.

The situation has improved over the past few years as more apps and settings support a smooth transition.

However, the whole process is a few steps and a long time, especially when most of the old apps are installed one by one, requiring users to manually log in.

Google engineers described the "Install Command Prompt" feature as a way for app stores (such as the Google Play Store) to set a conversion filter to use in dex2oat when installing new apps in batch. (Such as the setup or recovery process).

Dex2oat is a translator that can pull APK files and create a translator that can be loaded by Android runtime during installation to reduce app loading time.

During phone recovery, app store may send the sticker to dex2oat adapter, allowing some important apps to be installed faster at the expense of optimization. These improvements can occur the next time the app is updated.

Depending on the installation and usage history of your app, already installed app stores can easily identify which apps you use most often.

Depending on your device, the App Store contains a number of pre-defined apps that are essential for functionality, for example: Google Play services and third-party software services.

In batch installs, these applications can take precedence, but at the expense of initial improvement.

As a user who installs a bundle of apps on a new phone, the App Store can prioritize the most used apps on the most recent used device.

If you use WhatsApp frequently, the App Store will install the app faster so you can log into useful apps first.

You can install and optimize apps that you don't use often.

It is unknown how much time users can spend using this feature. However, it can save time on older or slower phones downloading hundreds of apps.

How long this feature is stored depends on the number of apps considered important and the number of apps restored first.

If this feature is integrated in the next few months, you should be able to see it in Android 12.

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