Huawei urges the UK to reconsider its 5G ban after defeating Trump
Huawei urges the UK to reconsider its 5G ban after defeating Trump

Huawei Vice President told The Guardian: Britain should reconsider its decision to ban Huawei. Huawei, a Chinese company that makes 5G communications devices in the post-Trump era, has admitted that it will exacerbate the UK's North-South divide.

As British Prime Minister Boris Johnson prepares to meet with the Northern Research Group on Monday, Victor Chang plays his part. A dedicated conservative parliamentary lobbying group, Liu, has turned the prime minister's agenda for settlements into a reality. As the cradle of the first industrial revolution, Zhang urged Britain to respect its roots, saying: In the fifth generation revolution, government cannot be left behind.

The UK government resigned last July. Under pressure from the Trump administration, he announced a plan to enable Huawei to become a provider dominated by the 5G network. Instead, he ordered Huawei devices to be removed from the country's 5G network by 2027.

Ministers at the time said the reason for the decline was not due to a new analysis by the security services on the security threat posed by Huawei, but rather the Trump administration's decision to impose a ban on Huawei's use of American technology.

"This decision will have a major economic impact on the UK," said Zhang. Great Britain would like to establish a balanced investment relationship between London and the regions of southeast, central and northern England. To achieve this goal, first-class communication is essential. Without them, it would be difficult to bridge the gap in Britain's economic imbalance. ''

He added: “The government itself said that if Huawei is prevented from installing 5G networks, the launch of the 5G network will be delayed by three years, which will have a major impact on the economy. Many people are surprised by the effects of this delay. Independent research firm Assembly is leading third-party research showing the delay will affect £ 18.2 billion.

Zhang urged the ministers to reconsider the decision, "I hope the government will be open and once it considers the economic consequences, it will reconsider the best way to do so."

As a multinational company, we want to work with the government to ensure it has policies in place to ensure growth. This decision is a political decision driven by the American perception of Huawei and not the perception of the United Kingdom. united. The motivation for this move is not real security, but the trade war between China and the United States. He said he hopes the new US administration will take a different approach from Donald Trump.

Zhang also expressed concern that the UK's traditional role as a free and open trade nation could be challenged and the claims that his company was a "dragon in the nest" could be challenged.

He said, "I am concerned about the UK. The discussion here is focused on the geopolitical conflict, not how to improve the UK economy and ensure the country seizes this opportunity." After Brexit at the end of this year, it will once again become the world leader. This all matters to After UK (Covid), the resumption of trade and technology related to the European Union and the digital age after Brexit and how to attract foreign investment to the UK are all essential.

Huawei's critics say that despite having an independent shareholder structure, the Chinese Communist Party could continue to urge the company to provide back doors for its UK communications monitoring system.

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