You can increase productivity by using WhatsApp hidden functions
You can increase productivity by using WhatsApp hidden functions

If you are looking for a way to upgrade WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone device, this topic will help you.

Text formatting increases dynamism:

WhatsApp allows you to use bold and italic fonts or add text to strikethrough. To do this, you need to add two special characters before and after the text to be formatted.

Use asterisks (* text *) for bold text. Draw a slash under the text (_text_). And create strikethrough text with the tilde (~ text ~).

Self-information vanished:

WhatsApp releases a new feature that allows you to open missing messages for specific conversations. Once activated, all your messages will disappear from the chat within 7 days.

Turn on (Missing messages) by clicking on the contact or chat name at the top of the screen, then selecting the missing messages from the options menu, then clicking Open.

Star message:

When you are viewing a message, you can easily return to the message. Just tap and hold on the message, then tap the star icon. A small star icon appears next to the message so you can easily identify it as you scroll through the conversation.

Find out who you talk to the most:

If you are interested in the people you talk to a lot on WhatsApp, just go to Settings> Storage & Data> Manage Storage and you will see the list. The contacts you talk to are organized according to the contacts you use the most. Click on each contact to view more detailed statistics like number of messages and GIFs.

The new storage space in WhatsApp makes it easy to remove large files that are taking up your phone space and lets you see the largest possible number of chat partners.

View message details:

Do you want to know when an email is sent or read? Swipe left on the message you sent to see these stats on your iPhone. Android users can long press a message, then tap the menu button, then tap the message.

Use WhatsApp on the computer:

If you are busy with many different conversations or long conversations with old friends, sitting in front of a computer and using a full keyboard and mouse will help you sit better. And thanks to the web version of WhatsApp, you can do this very easily.

Conversation export:

If you need to save the conversation, you can export it. While viewing the conversation, Android users have to click on the menu button, then click on more and export the conversation.

On iPhone, this will display the chat thread. Touch the contact's name at the top of the screen, then scroll to the bottom of the contact's information page and select "Export chat."

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